Unexpected Uses for Injection Molding

If you think about it, you could fill a room with all the devices that are condensed into one smartphone. Calculator, telephone, internet, camera, flashlight, stopwatch and the list goes on, making it perhaps one of the most versatile contraptions ever to exist. But what is the “smartphone” of the manufacturing world? That’s right. Silicone… Read more »

ITAR-Certified Silicone Rubber Uses for the Military

Before being deployed to the battlefield, American troops are forged and tested. When these brave men and women out on their uniform, they need equipment that is as strong as they are. That is why for years, the armed forces have trusted silicone rubber. If you are manufacturing products for the military, you already know… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Liquid Silicone Rubber for Your Products

For over 200 years, the brightest minds have tweaked and perfected the leading solution to manufacturing needs. What is it? You guessed it, Liquid Silicone Rubber. While original Gum Stock Silicone is still reliable as ever, new and improved liquid silicone rubber has become the material of choice for manufacturers and engineers in countless industries…. Read more »

How to Design Safe & Durable Keypads

In today’s workplace, machines and systems can cause a disaster in less than a second. The day-to-day tempo has never been more demanding. This has motivated manufacturers like Si-Tech to ensure products like silicone keypads can keep up with the fast pace through specific customizations suitable to your applications. Let’s consider a few of these… Read more »

The Two Forms of Silicone Material

Everyone knows Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon, but did you know that he had silicone soles on his boots? The study and development of silicone has lasted almost 200 years now, and ever since 1970, it has come in two main forms. Gum Stock Silicone (or High Consistency Rubber) The… Read more »

Silicone Plastics in the Automotive Industry

Consumers expect more than ever from their vehicles. The automotive industry has had to respond with durable manufacturing that operates with unparalleled performance. We are now seeing the best production of automobiles in history. However, none of this improvement would be possible without perhaps the most unappreciated component: silicone. Silicone quality has advanced tremendously in… Read more »

Myths About Liquid Silicone Injections

Any product or piece of technology that is surrounded by a lot of buzz, usually has more than a few myths to coincide with that popularity. In the world of manufacturing, designers and engineers have taken a liking to this relatively new material. The result is a drastic rise in popularity for liquid injection molding… Read more »