Silicone Rubber Keypads in the Medical Field

When a surgeon steps into the operating room, there is a lot of pressure to get the job done. Doctors spend years preparing for situations like this. First in school, and then learning on the job in residency. After all of this training is completed, only then are they able to call themselves a doctor… Read more »

5 Reasons to Choose SiTECH for Your Custom Rubber Keypads

When it comes to your business, the decisions you make could affect your employees, owners, and your customers. With so much pressure on decisions, it helps to break down complicated information into neatly organized bullet points. When it comes to choosing a manufacturer of custom rubber keypads, we think the decision is simple. However, if… Read more »

Few Tips for Designing Silicone Rubber Keypads

SiTECH offers our customers unprecedented flexibility in the design of our silicone molded keypads and components. Sometimes finding the best options for your design is challenging. Here are few tips that will help you come up with the best layout. Functionality Over Form: Molded keypads with slicker designs can help you make the initial sale,… Read more »

How to Save Your Business Money with Rapid Prototyping

During the holidays, most people are more concerned about how they are going to spend their money on presents, rather than save it. However, for businesses, saving money is a gift of its own because it adds to bottom line income. You probably already know that liquid silicone is durable and reliable, but did you… Read more »

Is Liquid Silicone Rubber Right for You?

Silicone rubber has become one of the most quickly adopted materials used in manufacturing. Already, many industries have discovered the unique properties and applications for liquid silicone, and more uses are being discovered each day. From automotive to military and even the medical field, silicone has become a mainstay for many areas in our society…. Read more »

Common Misconceptions about Liquid Silicone Injection

There is lot of buzz about Liquid Silicone Injection. Due to the overwhelming increase in popularity, many misconceptions have also formed about this remarkable material. SiTECH has been working with Liquid Silicone Injection for years, and we have seen just how useful it can be for a wide variety of applications. Today, we are using… Read more »

What is Rapid Prototyping & How Can it Help Your Business

Having a physical prototype of your final product can be what sets your business apart from competitors – and that is why we have developed a rapid silicone keypad prototyping process for our clients. A process that in the past would have taken months to complete, can now be done in weeks. You don’t have… Read more »