Graphic Design Tips for Molded Keypads

The look of your device influences how users will feel about it. Well designed molded keypads enhance not only the appearance but also the functionality of the equipment. Best Key Designs for Silk Screening Si Tech uses a silk screening process to apply graphics to our molded keypads. When the silicone is cured, the ink… Read more »

Are Your Custom Keypads Designed for Best Use?

As technology changes, equipment changes with it. However often we see clients who don’t re-evaluate their custom keypads to see if they still make sense on an updated device. Is it time to revise your control system? An Evaluation of Thumb Size and SMS Texting The article “A Study of the Effect of Thumb Sizes… Read more »

Contact Materials Used in Molded Keypads Molded Keypad Materials

The best way to design the molded keypads for your equipment is to understand each component and how it contributes to keypad function. In this entry we look at the materials Si Tech uses in our keypad contacts. Understanding Contacts Underneath the surface of molded keypads is the circuit board that controls the device’s operation…. Read more »