rubber-keypad-remoteWhen it comes to creating new products, it’s always a good idea to put quality and functionality among your top priorities. Devices that have keypads and remote controls in their design are often targeted at families and households. The parents want something that will last. Their children might have other ideas about that. Playful and mischievous kids often have ulterior motives, like finding ways to have more fun or preventing their parents from discovering they’ve broken the rules. When coming up with your next new project design involving remote controls and silicone rubber keypads, keep in mind these 5 things that kids don’t want you to know.

1. Rubber keypads are better for gaming. They’re more durable than other types of controls, so kids can have endless hours of fun playing their most favorite videogames – even when they’re supposed to be doing their chores and homework.

2. The text on laser printed keypads made by a quality silicone keypad manufacturer won’t rub off. That means, for example, that the parental control key on the TV’s remote won’t fade away and make people forget that it’s there. Having a visible reminder about parental control means kids won’t be able to watch some of the TV shows and movies their parents don’t want them to see.

3. Backlit rubber keypads are a great feature for home security system controls. Teens that who sneak out at night run the risk of drawing attention because the keypad lights up when the buttons are pressed, making the buttons easier to see – and easier for teens to get caught.

4. Waterproof computer keyboards are insurance that your computer products will be usable – even when there are drink spills over the keys. For the mischievous child, this is something to hide from Mom and Dad. If they don’t want their parents to get a teacher’s email report from school or make them do their class project that’s due tomorrow, they might try sabotaging the keyboard. If it’s a silicone rubber keyboard, their plan will fail.

5. Silent keys are perfect for consumers who like a little peace and quiet while they’re working or trying to carry on a conversation. Rubber keypads can be designed to emit little or no sound. Why don’t kids want product designers to know this? Because silence is boring, of course. It means Mom and Dad are possibly paying more attention to grown-up stuff, like using calculators to pay bills and tablets to do some shopping. For kids, life is more about having fun – and this usually involves noise and excitement, not peace and quiet.

From gaming controls and toy remotes to security systems and computer keyboards, silicone rubber keypads are a selling point for quality products. Whether you’re designing a new device or trying to improve the consumer appeal on a product you’ve already created, silicone rubber keypads have many unsung qualities that parents don’t always think about. Contact SiTECH to get a same-day quote on quality rubber keypad manufacturing for your next product. We won’t tell the kids.