By making adjustments to your product’s exterior in the design phase, you can make it more marketable to potential customers once it hits the shelves. One marketing solution that’s growing in popularity is the silicone rubber skin. It’s useful in a wide range of products, from computer technology to sports equipment to school supplies. By using an exterior covering over your new product – or giving your current one a fresh look – you can increase its appeal. Here are six ways silicone rubber molding makes your product more marketable.

1. Easily Identifiable
There’s an old saying, that possession is nine-tenths of the law. From technical products to everyday household items, it’s become more important for consumers to be able to identify things as their own. Offering merchandise in a variety of colors prevents mix-ups when more than one person has purchased the same item. It protects the true owner from losing possession through theft or misunderstandings. Liquid silicone injection molded rubber can be manufactured in every color of the rainbow and then some. Creating an assortment of product exteriors with different skin colors improves marketability.

2. Protected
A silicone rubber skin can make your product both waterproof and scratchproof. This added durability gives you the edge over your competitors. One of the advantages of using liquid silicone injection molding to create a skin for a product is the precision of fit. When the covering is made by a quality manufacturer, it follows exact specifications and fits without wrinkles. One option in the liquid silicone injection molding process involves creating a seamless mold. Your product can have a waterproof quality that prevent penetration if it’s rained on or dropped into a puddle by accident.

3. More Sophisticated
How it feels to touch a product can make a difference for users. Texture and flexibility are helpful selling points for products that are handled frequently. Silicone rubber molding manufacturers can adjust the hardness or softness of the material, called the durometer. Unlike a simple metal or plastic base, a silicone rubber molded skin adds a tone of sophistication. A smooth surface is one feature, but textured molding is another, with non-skid ridges or dots providing extra safety and comfort to the user experience.

4. Broader Audience
Products with silicone rubber skin can appeal to different user demographics, including age group and gender. One option is the use of Pantone colors, for example. You can identify preferred colors for your potential customers in the market research phase of your project. From solid black to denim blue to fuchsia, you can make your product more appealing to a broader audience.

5. Multiple Languages
A simple instruction to your buyers on how to use the product goes a long way. From governmental requirements on warnings to offering an explanation of what to do with it and what not to do with it, silicone rubber can be screen printed or laser marked with lettering in your choice of languages. You’ll need to design whether separate manufacturing runs are needed for different languages, or if two languages on the product exterior won’t interfere with marketability.

6. Branding
Branding plays a huge role in consumer appeal, especially when it comes to high-tech products or merchandise targeting younger audiences. If you’re trying to boost your invention’s marketability, consider using your company colors and imprinting the covering skin with your company’s brand or logo for better recognition.

There are many ways that product exteriors can improve desirability of merchandise. Once the initial design and mold are completed, the component can be replicated with exact dimensions and within one delta in color. Contact SiTECH today for more information on how we can improve your product with a skin made from silicone rubber molding.