silicone-rubber-tubingSilicone rubber is a versatile material because it can be shaped into almost anything imaginable. The liquid silicone injection molding process makes it possible. One of the most common shapes of silicone rubber molding components is tubing. It’s used in a wide range of industries for an endless number of products. When creating a new product or developing upgrade components for a long-standing model, silicone rubber tubing can create a custom piece to connect vital parts of the device.



Flight masks and breathing apparatus are critical to the health and safety of pilots. The length, thickness and diameter of the tubing is variable to construction and product design.


Medical Devices

Components to medical devices used in regular healthcare practice need to be both durable and germ-resistant. Flexible silicone rubber tubing is used in stethoscopes and medical monitoring equipment that needs to wear well with daily use. Just how flexible the silicone rubber molding is can be varied in the manufacturing process by following the production specifications.


Emergency Response

Emergency responders don’t have time to be delicate and gentle with equipment when it comes to saving lives. That’s why the high strength of silicone rubber molding is a solid choice for a wide range of equipment. Tubing for ventilating equipment in ambulances, for example, needs to be strong enough to handle rough handling and bumpy roads without puncturing or coming loose from equipment while in use.



Silicone rubber tubing has long been used in vehicle engines. From vacuum lines to windshield washer fluid, high resistance to heat and moisture is one reason why silicone rubber molding is in high demand for tubing in today’s cars, trucks and SUVs.



brown-silicone-rubber-tubingDepths beneath the ocean’s surface exert extreme pressure on everything inside a sub. After exposure to the liquid silicone injection molding process, rubber tubing can withstand pressure from the liquids and gases it carries throughout any submarine. When used in military watercraft, it’s important to find a company that follows International Traffic in Arms Regulations. An ITAR certified liquid silicone injection molding manufacturer is needed to produce these parts to specifications.


Computer Technology

Electronic parts and computer components often require insulation. Silicone rubber molding is non-conductive, which makes it ideal as an insulative material. The thickness and diameter of the tubing can fit like a sleeve over any sensitive electronic and computer parts to prevent damage.


SiTECH is an ITAR certified liquid silicone injection molding manufacturer that makes custom silicone tubing to specification in a wide range of colors. Contact us for a price quote on components for your next project.