As workplace security continues to become an area of heightened focus for many businesses, the use of custom silicone keypads over other materials for electronic entry to buildings and secured floors is becoming more common. Silicone rubber keypads are more comfortable to the touch and take less force to depress than the older, harder types of keypad materials. Creating silicone keypads with complex key shapes and three-dimensional designs can be used for stations with heightened security access panels and checkpoints. These devices may receive a high volume of traffic, possibly requiring users to enter pass codes or other data to allow the individual access beyond the checkpoint. When keys are pressed, it is vitally important that the correct information be relayed through the keypad to the machine. It is often required that the company creating the silicone keypads is certified in accordance with the federal government’s International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations, like SiTECH is.

When dealing with security issues, the design and fabrication of these devices frequently requires ITAR-certified liquid silicone injection molding keypad components to ensure accuracy and durability. When designing a reliable system that is visually user-friendly, like the silicone keypads for security stations, consider the additional features you might need asĀ  you safeguard the safety and integrity of the people and the machinery at that checkpoint.

For example, laser etching from the interior or exterior of the keypad may be needed. The lettering should be easy to see and easy to read. SiTECH offers this economical service, with backgrounds and lettering in a variety of colors that are durable, wear-resistant and chemical-resistant.

Modern security stations also require ITAR-certified liquid silicone injection molding keypad components that are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, cleaning fluids and other elements that could otherwise compromise security. SiTECH offers features such as coatings that withstand frequent use and endure the use of lubricants and substances. SiTECH’s ITAR-certified rubber keypad components can meet these requirements with some advanced planning and references to specific guidelines.

If you have an upcoming security checkpoint or security-related project that relies on ITAR-certified liquid silicone injection molding keypad components, contact the SiTECH team for details and a same-day quote.