Custom Printing on Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is an excellent option for a wide variety of components, seals and keypads. Silicone’s properties lend themselves well to a wide variety of shape and size options for custom molded rubber products. In addition, the ability to screen print on silicone helps to customize your product and helps it stand out on the… Read more »

Upgrading Remote Security With Rubber Keypad Controls

As companies improve their surveillance and performance in outbuildings in large industrial complexes, the equipment is fitted with the latest in technology. This is critical for properties such as laboratories, power plants and electronic equipment storage. As with many types of new technology, industrial control pads are fitted with customer rubber keypads to improve response… Read more »

Silicone Rubber Uses in Medical Equipment

Silicone rubber products have become extremely popular in the medical industry. One of the many reasons for its popularity is its ability to perform under demanding and extreme conditions. Silicone rubber components have an extended lifespan against deterioration over other elastomers. Makers of high tech medical equipment have chosen silicone rubber products for their devices… Read more »

Designing Custom Rubber Keypads for Gloved Hands

When designing rubber keypads for new technology, it is important to consider keypad shapes and sizes, among other things. One segment of the industrial population that is sometimes forgotten is the user who wears gloves daily. These operators of machinery, vehicles and devices face challenges in properly and accurately using standard rubber keypads. When designing… Read more »

How ITAR Registration Affects Rubber Molding Components

Silicone rubber manufacturing has become a global industry, with many options to manufacture components overseas as well as domestically. When deciding on the best production option for silicone components, especially when military articles are involved, a domestic supplier with an International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) registration is the best and only legal option. A… Read more »

Heavy Construction Machinery and Rubber Molded Keypads

When it comes to heavy construction equipment, special care must be taken in the design and use of the controls running the machinery. Unlike the use of rubber keypads on indoor heavy equipment, outdoor machines have their own set of needs. Designing molded rubber keypad controls to operate heavy construction machinery takes some forethought to… Read more »

Choosing A Closed Automated System for Silicone Production

When deciding on which method of production to choose for silicone production, one must take into account many factors. The exact dimensions and complexity of the part help depict which method of production is most efficient. Other factors that need to be considered are the volume of parts per order and how long the part… Read more »