Adapting ITAR-Certified Rubber Keypads to Security Stations

As workplace security continues to become an area of heightened focus for many businesses, the use of custom silicone keypads over other materials for electronic entry to buildings and secured floors is becoming more common. Silicone rubber keypads are more comfortable to the touch and take less force to depress than the older, harder types… Read more »

Can Your Product Withstand Popularity?

When putting together the details of your latest product, consider what would happen if it became very popular. Many of today’s telecommunications and consumer electronics devices are used at entry and exit points, kiosks and self-service terminals. In your mind, it would probably be very nice if your product became very popular, having a high… Read more »

Using Medical Silicone Rubber Keypads in Low Lighting

Working in low-lit areas has its advantages and disadvantages. Dim lighting is used in modern technology to create an atmosphere that allows special effects or sophisticated machinery to work. On the other hand, it’s hard to see in the dark without enhancements. One example is in the medical field. Modern technology uses various types of… Read more »

Following Standards on Military Keypad Molding Components

In certain industries, there are universal signs and colors that are used as standards. In the military, signs and keypads use standard universal symbols so that anyone using equipment will be able to quickly and easily find the right button that serves a specific purpose. Personnel can walk into any command center within their branch… Read more »

Molding the Medical Keypad Prototype to Fit Your Vision

As medical technology becomes more complex, the machines themselves become more complex. Most creators of new equipment models know exactly what they want them to do. The hard part – for them – is finding a way to make the physical design perform in the same manner as the one in their minds. It frequently… Read more »

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad Same-Day Quote Response Available

When you have an idea and a potential client, time matters. While you might know what you need to do to make a new product, getting together the quotes on costs involved can be time-consuming, especially for the components. Since timeliness matters, Si-Tech offers same-day quote response for custom silicone rubber keypad components. We will… Read more »