Creating Custom Controls For Dedicated Software Devices

The widespread use of computers has allowed companies to create software-based versions of traditionally hardware-based objects such as music players or industrial controls. Consumers don’t realize that many of the devices they use are really just computers fitted with custom silicone keypads instead of traditional keyboard and mouse controls. Why Use Software-Based Devices? Hardwired electronics… Read more »

7 Tips For Great Keypad Design

Si Tech offers our clients unprecedented flexibility in the design of molded keypads and finding the best options can be challenging. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with the best layout. Function Beats Form – Molded keypads with slick designs can help you make that initial sale, but if those… Read more »

Remote Controls Improve Electronic Equipment Functionality

Remote controls give users of your equipment more flexibility during operation. We’ve seen a growing number of our clients who want to use our custom silicone keypads to provide new options to their customers, even for devices that have never been traditionally associated with remote controls. Remote Controls Add Value It goes without saying that… Read more »

Creating Devices For Narrow Segments Of the Market

The success of an electronic product is often determined by how easy it is to use. At Si Tech, we have seen how well-designed custom keypads and other controls reduce customer frustration and let a device’s other features shine through. In many markets it is difficult to create controls that please everyone so it might… Read more »

Why Does Si Tech Prefer Silicone Keypads?

It’s obvious from our name that we are big fans of silicone over other keypad materials. Many of our customers ask us why we specialize in custom silicone keypads and we could name a dozen reasons but here are three of the top benefits of silicone. Durability There are less expensive materials that could be… Read more »

Strategies For Designing Safe Equipment Keypad Controls

Our clients come up with some amazing and creative designs for custom keypads. Control design involves not only a balance of aesthetics, durability and cost, but also safety features. Here, we’ll focus on how you can design controls that will make your equipment safer to use. High Visibility What are the worst visibility conditions your… Read more »

Custom Silicone Keypads for Kid-Friendly Products

Electronic toys have many requirements stricter than those for other electronic devices. Our clients have found that Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads provide the features they need when designing devices meant for kids. Safety First When designing a product for children, safety should be the first consideration. Our custom silicone keypads offer many advantages over… Read more »