Graphic Design Tips for Molded Keypads

The look of your device influences how users will feel about it. Well designed molded keypads enhance not only the appearance but also the functionality of the equipment. Best Key Designs for Silk Screening Si Tech uses a silk screening process to apply graphics to our molded keypads. When the silicone is cured, the ink… Read more »

Are Your Custom Keypads Designed for Best Use?

As technology changes, equipment changes with it. However often we see clients who don’t re-evaluate their custom keypads to see if they still make sense on an updated device. Is it time to revise your control system? An Evaluation of Thumb Size and SMS Texting The article “A Study of the Effect of Thumb Sizes… Read more »

Contact Materials Used in Molded Keypads Molded Keypad Materials

The best way to design the molded keypads for your equipment is to understand each component and how it contributes to keypad function. In this entry we look at the materials Si Tech uses in our keypad contacts. Understanding Contacts Underneath the surface of molded keypads is the circuit board that controls the device’s operation…. Read more »

Increase Equipment Usability With Accessible Custom Silicone Keypad Controls

Are you losing customers because of your control systems? If you sell equipment to companies employing disabled workers, they may buy from someone else if your custom silicone keypads don’t provide full accessibility. Over our years of keypad manufacture, Si Tech has learned a few tips for designing accessible controls. High Contrast Visuals Even the… Read more »

Developing User-Centric Custom Keypads

Engineers tend to focus on what equipment does more than how to operate it. The controls are added at the end, often with little consideration about usability. When our clients prioritize the design of custom keypads and other interface elements, they create devices that perform better than their competitors. Ease of Use When Si Tech… Read more »

Si Tech Keypads: Ideal For Ruggedized Electronics

Not all our clients use our molded keypads on equipment used in controlled environments like offices. Ruggedized electronics, equipment designed for use in hostile environments, benefit from the durability of our keypads. A Growing Market for Ruggedized Electronics Electronic equipment used to be delicate, packed carefully in padded and hard-sided carrying cases, used only in… Read more »

Si Tech Keypads Are ITAR Compliant

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of federal rules that American manufacturers must follow if they make certain products that to be sold to customers outside the United States. An understanding of ITAR is essential to any manufacturing operation to avoid significant federal penalties. The Basics of ITAR ITAR was drafted… Read more »