Custom Silicone Keypads

Silicone is one of the most versatile materials used in technology today. For this reason, companies have many options for its use when designing custom silicone keypads. Silicone‚Äôs versatility means that it can be easily manipulated into a variety of molded keypads to add personality to a device, making it stand out from the competition…. Read more »

Six Reasons To Choose Silicone Keypads Over Touchscreens

Let’s agree on one thing: touchscreens are cool. They feel futuristic and they are fun to use. We’ve enjoyed playing around with them but once the cool factor wore off, we became aware of a number of advantages that silicone custom keypads had. 1) No Fingerprints: Manufacturers have tried touchscreens since the 1960s and they… Read more »

How Do SiTech Silicon Keypads Work?

SiTech molded keypads are used on countless electronic devices from security panels to cell phones. The technology behind them is simple but elegant and understanding how they work will help you design the right keypad for your device. Basic Keypad Function Regardless of the device, the function of molded keypads is basically the same. The… Read more »

Why Are Si Tech Custom Silicone Keypads Better?

We find many of our clients are abandoning traditional keypads for their equipment in favor of custom silicone keypads from Si Tech. Why? Because silicone keypads offer features not available when using older technology controls.

Customizing Si Tech Molded Keypads

Our line of silicone molded keypads offer you features unmatched by traditional keypad technology. To help you create the best control system we offer a variety of customization options.