Insert molding 4_29_15Here at SiTECH, we have the capability of molding individual and conjoined silicone inserts into a final silicone molded assembly. This allows us to create unique and custom back-lit keypads and components. This method of molding is known as Insert Molding.

SiTECH uses insert molding as a process to isolate light sources, and prevent the spread of light to specific areas of a keypad. This method is done utilizing a double-shot process which entails the first shot of molding a silicone insert or window in a clear or translucent material. This insert is then placed into a secondary mold that then injects opaque silicone around the pre-molded insert. The liquid silicone creates a cross-link bond with the pre-molded insert creating a seamless seal. This method of molding allows for the elimination of light bleeding into LED indicators or separate keys that are not supposed to be illuminated. The ability to mold an opaque barrier around a clear insert opens up the possibility to balance light sources by focusing on individual light sources rather than trying to illuminate an entire keypad.

Currently the most popular method of creating a back-lit silicone keypad is molding the entire keypad in a clear silicone, coating the outside black, and then lasering the artwork through the black to have the clear or translucent base showing. The major flaw with this method is the inability to block light. Making this an outdated process which leaves it entirely in the customer’s hands to deal with light separation. We have found that light can bleed through very small amounts of clear silicone, which can cause enormous headaches when trying to separate and balance light sources.

Back of backlite insert part

SiTECH has the capability and experience to incorporate multiple inserts within a single individual key. Some of our keypad assemblies have upwards of 40+ individual inserts. So if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the different capabilities of insert molding or if you need any assistance with your silicone rubber products please contact Si-Tech today at 757-887-8488 or Our silicone keypads and custom components are created with state-of-the-art technology using only liquid injection molding at our headquarters located in Newport News, Virginia. We are fully ITAR certified and are proud to serve the needs of our customers with products made with the craftsmanship and quality of American professionals.