To the average consumer, the term “ITAR“ might sound like the next line of Apple inventions following the iPad, iPod, or iPhone. However, for those looking for an ITAR certified supplier for military applications, there shouldn’t be any confusion about the acronym. This is because ITAR compliance for U.S. manufacturers is serious business. When it comes to ensuring that products are compliant with The International Traffic in Arms Regulations, here are some key benefits that Aerospace and Defense contractors can’t afford to overlook.

Competitive Advantage for contracts

For manufacturers looking to broker their products to the Military, ITAR compliance is a requirement for many major contracts. If you’re company is looking to make a bid in the aerospace and defense industry, ITAR compliance is not only a major competitive advantage, it’s a marketing tactic and an assurance of quality all in one. In fact, for some contracts, it’s a requirement to even place a bid, let alone win.

Better relationships with Sub-Contractors

No matter what application your keypad is being used for, it is important to ensure that all sub-contractors are also ITAR compliant. Many companies, particularly smaller operations, had not heard of ITAR until more recently because the government was not aggressive about enforcing it. However within the last ten years, federal authorities have been pursuing breaches of ITAR vigorously. What some manufacturers are discovering is that even if they are ITAR compliant, they can still be in danger if their suppliers are not.

No worry of breaking regulations

Like many manufacturers you may be registered with ITAR and diligent in following through with all relevant procedures. But did you know that using a non-ITAR compliant sub-contractor for keypads could be breaking ITAR regulations? Custom silicone keypads are not explicitly listed on the USML, but if they are components of USML systems then they must meet ITAR requirements before export. Manufacturers might not realize that they are responsible for components as well as the finished system because the ITAR regulations are not clear on this subject. At SiTECH, we take ITAR very seriously and we follow every procedure to ensure that all requirements are being met.

SiTECH is an American-owned company and our custom silicone keypads are manufactured at our own plant right in Virginia. If your company is ITAR compliant, then do not risk endangering it by using foreign components. Contact us here to have us review and quote your custom silicone rubber keypad or component today!