When putting together the details of your latest product, consider what would happen if it became very popular. Many of today’s telecommunications and consumer electronics devices are used at entry and exit points, kiosks and self-service terminals. In your mind, it would probably be very nice if your product became very popular, having a high volume of users on a regular basis. Are your liquid rubber molding components durable enough to withstand heavy use and abrasion?

SiTECH has the answer to silicone rubber keypad components in harsh environments. It’s called Si Coat I. This coating system prolongs the use of your product’s keypads – in effect, prolonging the use of your product. The longer it lasts, the more durable and reliable your clients will consider your product.

How Does It Work?
When liquid rubber molding keypad applications are used repeatedly, they come in contact with fingers and hands, but they also encounter even more abrasive contacts, such as fingernails, rings, clothing, buttons, security badges and more. The keys are hit, punched and slapped over and over again. Silk screen graphics and liquid rubber molding keypads are expected to be legible and work right  every time. Make sure your product has the right type of SiTECH coatings to get the maximum wear possible.

Proving It’s Tough
SiTECH ran an independent RCA Abrasion Wear Test on durability levels of silicone rubber keypad with graphics on the top in high usage in industrial environments. Those that were coated with Si Coat I proved 20 times more resistant to abrasion and wear than the accepted standard.

Si Coat I offers more than just wear and abrasion resistance for your product. When you have a high number of end-users, the buttons will need bright and easily readable graphics so that people can use them appropriately and accurately. The coating will prolong the lifespan of the screen printed graphics and repel dust and dirt from the silicone rubber keypad surface. Your keypad designs are not restricted to small squares and rectangles. Si Coat I can create a seamless finish over the entire keypad surface, even those with odd shapes and sizes.

The more popular your product becomes with the end-user, the more likely you are to need the anti-abrasion coating from SiTECH. If you are looking for an ITAR-certified liquid rubber molding company to take your project through to the next phase and help it gain popularity and credibility, contact our SiTECH team for more information.