Designing Silicone Keypads Ideal For Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are full of hazards that can damage appliances over time. Equipment designed for kitchens need to be designed to survive these challenges and Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads have the characteristics needed for durable products. Keeping The Water Out Even a tiny amount of water or other liquid can cause a short that will… Read more »

Tips For Designing Secure Keypads

Standard key-based locks can be broken into using lockpicking or bumping techniques easily found in the internet. We’ve seen a growing demand for our custom silicone keypads used in keyless security panels, since these entries are more secure than standard locks. Dependable Operation Although locks have to keep intruders out, they also have to allow… Read more »

Designing Durable Keypads For Public Terminals

As computers have become smaller, cheaper and more powerful there has been a growing interest in using unmanned public kiosks to offer services from internet access to DVD rental. The kiosks are meant to be nearly maintenance free and every component needs to be up to the task. Si Tech molded keypads provide the characteristics… Read more »

Tips For Designing Dashboard Controls

Every industry has unique control design challenges. When developing equipment to be mounted in a vehicle dashboard, you must keep driver safety in mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car audio system or a sophisticated target acquisition computer for a jet fighter; well-designed molded keypads improve function and also keep the vehicle operators safe…. Read more »

Tips For Creating Innovate Control Designs

Si Tech’s manufacturing technology allows us to offer our clients astonishing flexibility in the design of custom keypads, and yet many of our projects are still the same standard control schemes that were stale in our grandparents’ day. Be creative and come up with exciting new designs and you may create the next breakout product…. Read more »

Creating Custom Controls For Dedicated Software Devices

The widespread use of computers has allowed companies to create software-based versions of traditionally hardware-based objects such as music players or industrial controls. Consumers don’t realize that many of the devices they use are really just computers fitted with custom silicone keypads instead of traditional keyboard and mouse controls. Why Use Software-Based Devices? Hardwired electronics… Read more »

7 Tips For Great Keypad Design

Si Tech offers our clients unprecedented flexibility in the design of molded keypads and finding the best options can be challenging. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with the best layout. Function Beats Form – Molded keypads with slick designs can help you make that initial sale, but if those… Read more »