If you ask the average American, they would probably tell you that manufacturing in the U.S. is something that should be studied in a history book. However, this is not the case. While it is true that U.S. has declined over the last several decades. Recently, Bloomberg reported that U.S. manufacturing is not as terminal as one might think, in fact, many areas are steadily rebounding. When it comes to silicone key pads and parts, manufacturers in the U.S. are able to offer savings that foreign manufacturers cannot.



One area of potential savings is by operating in the same currency. When a company begins trading internationally, there are many factors to consider; such as fluctuating exchange rates, trade agreements, and foreign infrastructure. Bloomberg has found that when these factors are considered, the US is actually the 6th most competitive export country.

Energy expenses

Like most manufacturing operations, silicone requires the US of energy, usually electric, to create a finished product. In the US the cost of electric energy is steadily decreasing. On the contrary, many foreign manufacturing competitors are dealing with rising costs. When their costs increase, it’s highly likely that the cost of their product will rise as well.


Silicone is a very popular material in many industries, but especially the military and aeronautic sectors. For these industries, contracting a domestic supplier of silicone products is important to remain compliant with ITAR.

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