Throughout the last century the automobile has seen a number of different changes in performance, safety, and efficiency. As technology has progressed and consumers have demanded more, the auto industry has responded with the best vehicles we have ever seen. As we look to the future, technology in automobiles is only becoming more advanced. It’s amazing to consider what the average consumer will be able to do in the future with the simple push of a button. However, it’s not only the technology behind the button that is changing, it’s the button itself. At SiTECH we are partnering with the automotive industry to provide high quality, custom silicone keypads that seamlessly integrate with the vehicles of tomorrow.

Although the use of touch screens in the automotive industry has increased drastically, it may not always be the best solution. Touch screens can be very expensive to replace when broken, and they often leave the screen smudged and difficult to read. Additionally, the use of a physical key allows you to train your hand and know the feel of the key, keeping your eyes on the road and off your screen.

As consumers continue to demand a quality car that lasts, silicone has become the perfect partner for automobile manufacturers. The unique properties of silicone make it one of the most durable and useful substances in the manufacturing industry.  In addition to providing durability, a custom silicone rubber keypad provides automakers with a wide range of customizable options.

You may have noticed that vehicles have changed significantly in the last decade, and they will continue to change in the future. For this reason, the ability to have options when designing custom keypads is a necessity. At SiTECH, our state of the art keypads are customizable down to the specs and features you desire. From color, to backlighting, and more, we can create a keypad that fits seamlessly into the final product, combining hardware and software to delight consumers who are looking to purchase their next automobile. Looking for more information on custom keypads in the automotive industry? Contact SiTECH today at 757-887-8488.