Electronic toys have many requirements stricter than those for other electronic devices. Our clients have found that Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads provide the features they need when designing devices meant for kids.

Safety First

When designing a product for children, safety should be the first consideration. Our custom silicone keypads offer many advantages over other control system technologies.

The silicone we use in our keypads can be formed into gentle shapes. Rounded corners and soft edges are easier on little fingers than the more rigid designs other materials would require. We’ve found these curved shapes are not only safer but more visually appealing to kids.

We use high-grade silicone that won’t react with elements in the environment or produce toxic fumes. Unlike plastics, silicone doesn’t contain BPA, phthalates or other chemicals that are often in the news today. Other materials contain pores that gather bacteria ,while silicone forms a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Our products are hygienic and hypoallergenic, perfect for young customers.

Protection Against the Elements

One of the biggest dangers faced by electronics in the hands of children is food and drink. Toys need to be prepared to handle anything from a drop of pizza sauce to an entire glass of spilled juice. Our custom silicone keypads resist these kinds of accidents. We form our molded keypads in single pieces, minimizing the number of small gaps that provide access to liquid and other dangers.

Our sealed controls protect in other ways too. Kids raise a lot of dust and dirt, but those contaminants won’t find an easy way past our keypads and into the electronics inside. When the child inevitably leaves the toy outside, sun and rain won’t damage the internal components either. These environmental dangers and many others offer little threat to our high quality keypads.

Keypads Manufactures to Take the Abuse

Of course dust and drinks aren’t the only damage our custom silicone keypads are designed to resist. Kids are tough on their toys and our keypads are up to the challenge. Our keypads are rugged and won’t break the first time the toy is dropped. Silicone combines strength and flexibiltiy to provide above average resistance to normal wear and tear.

If our standard silicone recipe isn’t enough, we offer options for our custom silicone keypads to make them even tougher. Si Coat I is an abrasion resistant coating that provides unparalleled protection against wear and dust. Si Coat II offers an exceptional level of chemical resistance against a wide range of compounds including petroleum products and chlorine.

Si Tech custom silicone keypads are an inexpensive way to improve the durability and usability of today’s high tech electronic toys.