Silicone is one of the most versatile materials used in technology today. For this reason, companies have many options for its use when designing custom silicone keypads. Silicone’s versatility means that it can be easily manipulated into a variety of molded keypads to add personality to a device, making it stand out from the competition.

Think Outside The Box – No More Square Keys

Gadget and technological device designers today aren’t limited to the conventional design of square buttons on custom keypads. Because custom silicone keypads can be molded into almost any shape, the possibilities are endless. Whether your device has gentle curves or sharp corners, SiTech can create any shape of silicone keypad to complement the shape of your equipment.

After freeing yourself from the traditional ideas of square keypads, you’ll find there’s a world of potential key layouts. Those designing custom keypads should consider what will look the best with the overall design of the mechanism, and what will feel best to the user. Another thing to consider is that while square keypads are indeed more conventional, sometimes it does make more sense to use a simple numeric keypad in the standard 3×4 format if it fits the dimensions of your device.

Vibrant Color Can Bring Your Device To Life

Many electronics seem to only exist in boring tones of black, white, and silver. But adding color to your design can really make your device stand apart from the competition. Something with a bright red custom keypad will grab consumers’ attention over the same standard colors. As well as being an eye-catcher, color can also serve as a practical way of organizing buttons on the device into functional areas. This makes it much easier for users to master the controls, and quickly find the button they need.

To have your device stand out even more, consider having graphics screen-printed over the base color on your custom silicone keypads. These graphics could vary depending on their distribution areas – they could be text-based in areas with the same language, while graphics on devices to be marketed internationally may use standard icons. Even heavy users of handheld machines with custom keypads shouldn’t worry, because silk-screening is durable and will last, no matter what. Back-lit keypads are another option to mull over – in this method, laser etchings reveal a translucent undercoating that gives illuminated keys contrasting colors.

How Does It Feel?

Modifications in the silicone formula can make custom keypads feel differently, since silicone rubber is made with different hardness variations. Soft rubber is great for some applications, but for mechanisms that need to be a little sturdier and will be used more often or intensely, a harder rubber might be more ideal.

The buttons themselves on the molded keypads can also have differing degrees of “clicky-ness.” Keypads that may only see occasional use, or that need to be more durable, might have a stronger click. On the other hand, an apparatus with controls that will be used more frequently might be better served by buttons with softer clicks, which are easier for the user to press.

The bottom line is, designers creating custom silicone keypads should think outside the box to create some really innovative designs. At SiTech, we lead the way in forming custom keypads that are unique, functional, and ready for the 21st century.