When you have an idea and a potential client, time matters. While you might know what you need to do to make a new product, getting together the quotes on costs involved can be time-consuming, especially for the components. Since timeliness matters, Si-Tech offers same-day quote response for custom silicone rubber keypad components. We will need to know basic information, such as size and mechanical tolerances, material, function, coating, colors and number of pieces. We may also ask about the details that will affect the creation of your custom silicone rubber keypad components, such as back lighting, wraparound designs and technical details. Once we have the information we need, we can work up a quote for you and get the information back to you as soon as possible. For more information about what goes into our liquid silicone injection molding, the application guide introduction here on our website will help you to better understand the process so that we can give you a rapid, accurate quote for your product. You can request a quote on our custom silicone rubber keypad services right from our application guide.

If you require ITAR-certified¬† components, we can provide quotes for that, too. At Si-Tech, we do maintain and require the proper paperwork for government and military contracts under ITAR regulations. We know it’s hard to find companies that are already registered. That’s an important part of what makes our same-day quote response a convenient feature for our clients. When you request a quote for your custom silicone rubber keypad component, be sure to include you name, email address, phone number, description of services needed and to upload your attachment before you submit.