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Have you ever picked up a product and immediately could tell that it was made with quality materials? Perhaps it was the weight or the feel of the product – items such as the aluminum body Macbook, or perhaps the touch of an authentic leather jacket. When designing a product, there are many factors that need to be consider – functionality, durability, cost, and esthetics are all important factors. Some applications will require beautiful esthetics, and others only require mere functionality. With your next silicone keypad, it is important to evaluate every factor to determine what is most important for your unique product.

Aesthetic Preferences

The initial question to ask in regard to design is “How important are aesthetics to my finished product?” With injection molding, usually a better look in feel will contribute to a higher cost, but if your new keypad isn’t being shown off to the masses, then there’s no need to over-honor aesthetics.  The use of the product is ultimately the highest consideration.


It doesn’t matter how snazzy your keypad looks If it doesn’t function properly. Of course a working keypad is a no brainer, but what about durability, longevity and resistance to abrasion? Most people could tell you that fine silk is aesthetically pleasing and nice to the touch, but it is not typically worn for situations that require heavy durability. Keypads are the same way; each situation calls for a different material.


As with any product, the way it’s made is a major factor that goes into price – premium products boast premium prices. The engine in a BMW is not engineered the same way as an engine in a KIA. However, this doesn’t mean a KIA isn’t the right car for the job – the important question is, “what is this keypad being used for?”. Once you nail that down, SiTECH can combine the idea materials to make your next keypad a tremendous success for any application.

In fact, SiTECH has been making custom keypads for a wide variety of industries and applications. No matter what your next product calls for, you can trust that we will deliver the right keypad for you next project.