When designing a product that must be leak-proof, there are usually gaskets and seals involved. Liquid silicone injection molding is one way to incorporate reliable sealants into a design. After first creating a mold design for the rubber molding components, the same mold can be used over and over again in the liquid silicone injection molding process to make the piece with the exact fit of the design. This process of silicone rubber manufacturing is less expensive than creating gaskets and seals made from other materials or processes.

One of the most common sealants in designs for products with moving parts is the O-ring. It is a popular element in preventing liquids or gases from escaping their chambers. It also prevents friction between parts don’t involve liquids and gases. Shaped like an O, complete with the hole in the middle, the round custom rubber molding component can be made to fit a precise measurement. It usually has a piece of metal or plastic inserted into the middle as part of the product design. The O-ring forms a seal which prevents leaks while resisting any changes in temperature, pressure and atmosphere. It is strong enough to take powerful movements from metal machinery parts, as well as contain some volatile liquids, such as acid, which may be integral parts of the product. O-rings are typically part of a design that may require contact with oil, water, metal, plastic or other components. Liquid silicone injection molding can withstand any of these elements.

Gaskets made from liquid silicone injection molding can be fabricated in nearly any design shape and thickness. Similar to the O-ring, they are used as a buffer or seal, but are a flat or intricately shaped piece made to fit on or around another product component. Gaskets made from rubber molding offer flexibility in movement if necessary, without the tendency to break or leak the way hard plastic does. Rubber molded gaskets can be attached to other pieces as a fitting or with silicone-rubber-compatible adhesive. The integrity of the gasket material is especially important in situations involving high and low temperatures, heavy impacts and torsion.

Liquid silicone injection molding is ideal for O-rings and gaskets because the parts can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively. The liquid aspect of the silicone means that it has a faster set time than other types of silicone. This makes the production process more efficient, which helps to get your product design to market faster and at a lower cost.