Many people now have security systems in place in their homes for added safety. If you have a home security keypad, whether it’s on your garage door or an internal alarm system, chances are it’s made of silicone rubber. Backlight rubber keypads are ideal for these types of security systems, providing quick easy access and visibility at night. This is a more obvious example of silicone rubber products in your home – you may not even realize how many other items around your house have silicone rubber components and are made using similar SiTech technologies. With outdoor durability, temperature performance and resistance, chemical/abrasion coating, and color matching SiTech technology is useful in many different areas of your home.

In the Family Room

Today almost all TV remotes feature silicone rubber components for added accuracy with color and lighting for different keys and functions. Game controls often have silicone rubber keys with laser markings to indicate function for key movements. Home computer keyboards feature silicone rubber keyboards, or keypad covers, for ergonomic reasons and for added protection against water damage.

In the Kitchen

Cooking gadgets and utensils include rubber buttons and components for durability and easy cleaning. Blenders, microwaves, silicone pot holders, and strainers use silicone components for their temperature performance and coating for easy clean up and spill resistance. They also have the ability to separate the controls for different systems by grouping them in distinct places on the silicone rubber keypad.

Everyday Medical Supplies

If you or someone in your family suffers from a medical condition you know how important their daily care and access to medical supplies is. Glucose meters for diabetes patients have parts made from the liquid silicone injection molding process are used for dispensing test strips, as grips for lancets and as protective skin to cover the product. Oxygen tanks, as well as other emergency supplies have silicone components whether used as a primary connector or as a gasket in support of other parts, silicone rubber is used for its size, shape, flexibility and other properties that are able to be carefully designed to enhance a wide range of medical products.

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