In certain industries, there are universal signs and colors that are used as standards. In the military, signs and keypads use standard universal symbols so that anyone using equipment will be able to quickly and easily find the right button that serves a specific purpose. Personnel can walk into any command center within their branch of service and find the familiar universal symbols and colors. The power switches, for example, have certain colors, symbols and specifications. When the equipment is manufactured, the standards must be met for all components found on design specs, including silicone military keypad molding components.  This includes the different sizes, character symbol line stroke width and depth ratios, and specific colors for each key and button label.

Our SiTECH engineers can work off of military specification drawings and create ITAR certified rubber military keypad molding components that comply in method, size, likeness in appearance and color. We match the liquid silicone injection molding color itself to the graphic design specification, as well as match the graphic key symbols on each key.

We have different methods of putting symbols on your custom silicone military keypad molding components, and we can do it in common black or in other colors as requested. SiTECH uses laser edge markings and screening to achieve mil spec drawing compliance on ITAR certified rubber keypad components. We also create color-specific insert molding to coordinate and comply with military keypad component drawings.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) color chart is a universal guide for creating matches of color hues. We follow the PMS selection book that has a numbered color code to create these colors. This means that liquid silicone injection molding manufactured by SiTECH is the required color every time. We also use the standard line weight and depth requirements to create a duplication by following the military specification drawings. This is usually noted to make the font, lettering size and symbols legible.

When you need ITAR certified rubber components to match your military specification drawings, SiTECH can follow the standards you provide with our capabilities, technology and resources to support your designs.