One of the issues that you may face as a designer or creator of military equipment is the environment where the devices are actually used. These are not your average machines working in a sterile atmosphere with climate-controlled air conditioning in a quiet office. These are devices brought into hot zones with extreme temperatures. Sand and grit get into everything. There may be extreme humidity of the driest air imaginable. Wind, ice, snow and rain might be factors. Your machines and all of their components must function with perfect accuracy and reliability regardless. You need an ITAR-certified rubber molding manufacturer that can help you create equipment with seals that will keep out the moisture and particles of sand, dirt and dust. If your machinery needs to be resistant to certain types of chemicals and gases, we can accommodate that, too.

Our military silicone rubber molding creates a blanket over the rest of your device. We can follow your design to create a keypad or other components that prevent penetration of chemicals, liquids, particles and other types of dust into the inner workings of your product. As an ITAR-certified rubber molding manufacturer, we can follow custom shapes and surface finishes. One-piece construction is possible on many designs. We also manufacture silicone gasket seals and bumpers to protect the interior of your machinery. When we work on your design, any technical details about temperature, specific types of chemical, gas and liquid exposure will help us to meet your requirements for military silicone rubber molding with the proper barriers. If you’re not sure how all of the parts can fit into one piece, or you need to test the assembly of separate interchangeable parts, we can provide a prototype for you.