spring-allergy-resistant-silicone-rubberLeap into action early this spring season when considering the development of your product’s keypads and gaskets. The use of silicone rubber keypads manufactured using liquid silicone injection molding is an excellent choice for a product that is resistant to the spread of germs.

The Easter Bunny, long ago referred to as the Easter Hare, was originally known as being the  judge to determine whether or not children were bad or good at the beginning of the Easter Season. This spring, try out the use of silicone rubber for the development of your product, and you be the judge. We believe you will only find liquid silicone injection molding to be a great choice.

Coping With Spring Allergies and Germs

horizontal-hydraulic-liquid-silicone-rubber-injection-molding-machinesAlong with the spring season, many people are still experiencing the effects of the winter flu season and are now being sprung straight into an intensive allergy season. Those who suffer from allergies are more likely to develop complications with upper respiratory diseases during the spring due to the high pollen index. All of that coughing and sneezing sends germs into the air and onto surrounding items. With consumers being more and more concerned about the spread of germs, anti-bacterial products, and the use of harsh cleaning products which emit strong, irritating and harmful odors, components made from silicone rubber are a remarkable way to help the initiative of using safer products.

Natural Resistance

Silicone Rubber is naturally resistant to the growth of molds and fungus, which can be an underlying cause of many allergies, especially in warm, damp environments. Silicone rubber is naturally hypoallergenic, and it does not require the use of harsh cleaning products which can be harmful to people, animals, and the environment. It is easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Silicone Rubber and Fitness Equipment

Along with spring comes the initiative to get in shape before summer arrives, thus an increase of the number of people going to fitness centers, a great place for the growth of fungus and spread of germs. Exercise equipment may contain the use of silicone rubber keypads as part of the electronic control assemblies or machines may have silicone grips. This enables the equipment to be easily cleaned before and after use by the large number of people who pass through a fitness facility.

Let SiTECH assist you with your endeavor to make products with healthier options for consumers. A great service that SiTECH offers is the rapid prototype. Rapid prototypes help our customers to receive a small quantity of parts in a shorter lead time to be able to see the product before it goes into a liquid injection silicone production run. Contact SiTECH today at 757-887-8488 for assistance in your liquid injection silicone rubber project.