Silicone rubber manufacturing has become a global industry, with many options to manufacture components overseas as well as domestically. When deciding on the best production option for silicone components, especially when military articles are involved, a domestic supplier with an International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) registration is the best and only legal option. A quality domestic ITAR certified rubber molding supplier can have many other benefits, including quicker turnaround, reduced shipping cost and intellectual property rights protections.

The enforcement and registration of ITAR is governed by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. ITAR registration is a requirement for domestic suppliers who produce components and products used for military applications. The purpose of this agency is to govern and control the imports and exports of all defense-related articles. The registration ensures that all records of work completed are retained for future auditing and review.

Of the many variables to consider when manufacturing components for military applications, the decision to choose a reputable domestic supplier that is ITAR registered is the most important. When sub-contracting part of the manufacturing process out to other manufacturers, it is vital to choose a registered company to ensure quality and eliminate liability concerns. Foreign manufacturers have infiltrated the U.S. market with low quality counterfeit parts that fail regularly, causing expensive repair and replacement, as well as compromise national security and safety concerns. It is imperative to vet the origins and production of all components used for military applications, including military silicone rubber molding.

Intellectual property rights are another major concern when shifting the manufacturing process offshore. Even with non-disclosure agreements in place, it can prove difficult to enforce any rules in different countries. When dealing with foreign manufacturers, quality can become a major concern. Low quality raw materials as well as un-skilled labor used to cut costs can present themselves in the final products and can cause major defects and delays in the production process. Enforcement for violations to ITAR regulations can be severe and costly. Many large manufacturers have found themselves in violation of regulations for sub-contracting manufacturing to non-ITAR registered companies overseas. Beyond the large fines, the reputation of your business can be tarnished by allegations of misconduct.

SiTech Inc. is located in Newport News, Virginia and is ITAR registered. We buy our raw silicone from GE and Dow exclusively to ensure quality products. As an ITAR certified rubber molding company, we manufacture custom silicone components and keypads for a wide array of applications, including medical, military and industrial related products. In addition to production, we offer a wide array of value-added services to help bring your product to market more quickly and reduce overall production costs. Silicone rubber production and assembly work is all done on site. For any questions about the production and assembly of your silicone production project, visit our home page at or call our office at (757) 887-8488.