Technology is one of the most exciting industries to follow because it’s always in constant state of evolution. If you remember, mobile phones were quite large in the 90’s, then technology advanced and they got smaller, today they are getting bigger as larger screens become more popular. Even with the constant change that occurs in the tech sphere, one thing has been fairly consistent – the use of silicone in new innovations. This year, the consumer electronics show (CES) unveiled a whole range of new products, many of which contain silicone parts. Here are our favorite new inventions and innovations for 2017:

3-D Printers

For those of us who are still struggling to use a traditional printer, be prepared for a new puzzle. Home printers are now becoming more popular for personal and businesses uses. At CES a new line of 3-D printers was introduced from SprintRay called the Moonray S. The Moonray is a silicone marvel for a couple reasons. Not only is the physical piece of equipment composed of silicone components, the products that the printer constructs are also composed of silicone elements. Just another way that the versatility of silicone is being used to push technology forward.

uBolt Wearable Tech

Winner of the best of wearable tech category this year is uBolt, an innovative and unique multi-factor authentication personal identity wearable device combining biometric fingerprint and voice recordings. This is another step into the SciFi realm because this is the futuristic version of carrying an ID. The band around the bracelet is made of, you guessed it, silicone rubber.

Integrated Connectivity Cluster

For motorcycle riders, space comes at a premium for instrument clusters and gauges. That is why Bosch invented the integrated connectivity cluster or ICC. Looking similar to a rugged iPad mini, it is the first of its kind integrating head-unit functionality into a cluster. “The HMI clearly displays nothing more (and nothing less) than the information essential to riders looking to take their experience to the next level.” Says CES. Inside of the device, silicone components make up key portions of the hardware, designed to make the ICC durable on the open roads.

As technology continues to bring about new inventions, silicone continues to be one of the materials inside the latest designs. But silicone isn’t just used in new gadgetry, it’s used for any product that needs a versatile and durable element. If you are looking for a supplier of silicone injection molding, contact SiTECH at 757-887-8488.