More and more companies are learning from past mistakes when it comes to developing a product. Companies are prototyping out designs on a much larger scale than ever before. In the case of liquid injected silicone rubber keypads and components, this is due to technological improvements that have significantly sped up the amount of time it would take to get a prototype. Here at SiTECH we offer silicone rubber rapid prototypes in as little as two to three weeks. This timeline is 3-4 times smaller than your typical production lead timing.

Our rapid prototypes here at SiTech have a detail quality greater than 95% of a final products quality. This means we can provide a close to production quality part at the price of a prototype. Our rapid prototypes are typically made with an RTV base silicone rubber. Our rapid prototypes are made by using a 3D-printed version of your component or keypad, and creating a mold based off of it. Our molds for prototypes typically last for about 10 runs each. This process while effective for part testing and evaluation should not be used for production purposes. These prototypes are not meant to be used in the field, but can help you to better visualize your product; what it can do, how it looks and interacts. They can be used in hands-on beta testing and real-time comparisons. Our silicone rubber prototypes can also be used for: reduced product development, costs design validation, marketing strategies, and form, fit and function analysis. If you’re wondering how your idea will match up to the existing mechanical parts, let our SiTECH engineers use our rapid prototyping rubber process.

The capability to visualize any defects or flaws in your silicone rubber keypad or component design is one of the main reasons for utilizing rapid prototypes. Using rapid prototypes will allow for multiple design changes, or redesigns when an issues arises. Utilizing rapid prototypes efficiently will enable your company to eliminate unnecessary re-work and re-design in the future of your product.

From concept to manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping is the most cost effective solution for your organization. When getting your product to market on time and within the target cost is important, call on the company that offers the technical support with the engineering experience to deliver your prototype. Call SiTECH at 757-887-8488 or submit a quote online here.