SiliconeThere really is nothing better than having something that is made custom for you. An off the rack suit may due the job, but there is nothing quite like a tailor fit. Keypads, like suits, should be customized to fit perfectly. Regardless of what industry you are in, there is going to be a specific application for each and every product that utilizes a silicone keypad; there is no one size fits all solution. From military to the medical field, to automotive and aeronautics; each keypad should be constructed to meet the need at hand. When it comes to designing your next keypad, there are 2 main areas to consider:


Mechanical design is a crucial part of constructing a silicone keypad. No matter how beautiful the appearance is, functionality must be paramount. At SiTECH, we have put a significant amount of time and effort into designing the mechanics of our keypads so that they perform optimally over time. Whether your keypad needs protection from harsh environments, or a special coating to perform optimally, we have the mechanical solutions to get the job done!

Engineers, architects, and inventors have often debated what is more important, functionality or aesthetics, but in the case of SiTECH silicone keypads you don’t have to sacrifice either.


When it comes to designing the perfect graphics for the top of your keypad, we have you covered. From colors, to key height, curvature, and much more, you can really get creative with keypad design. We use surface proprietary silicone inks that are cross-link bonded to the keypad during the curing process. This means that colors and graphics will remain vibrant and visible as your product is used.  In fact, screening can be done on both sides of keypad when using clear silicone.

The perfect keypad blends the best of graphic design and mechanics to create a keypad that fits perfectly into your application. SiTECH has designed and constructed countless keypads and yours could be next! No matter what product or industry your next keypad will be used in, we have the experience to deliver a perfect silicone keypad for you, contact us today!