A medical doctor has to endure years of rigorous study and examination before being able to practice medicine. From a biology degree to medical school and then a residency. These medical professionals have worked extremely hard to earn the trust and expertise that allow them to work in the medical field. None of them would be able to practice medicine without going through such comprehensive training, so isn’t it also important to be meticulous with the creation of medical devices?

A doctor or nurse that uses a medical device everyday may have never considered how it was manufactured. After all, the primary responsibility is to look after the patient. However, if the day comes that a medical device doesn’t function properly, it can be a major issue that puts the safety of others at risk. As technology advances, medical devices are becoming more reliable and more user-friendly than ever, due in part to the use of silicone rubber.

When a doctor is treating a patient in the ICU, it is crucial to use high quality equipment. Due to the chemical makeup of liquid silicone, parts won’t break down early, and they remain highly durable at every stage of the product life. Liquid silicone injection molding is a reliable, advanced process that creates more precise results and more durable products than that of the gum-stock of compression molding.

In the medical field, clarity and communication can be make the difference in saving a life. Since silicone offers a wide variety of customizable options, keypads are clear and easy to understand. With many keypad combinations and features to choose from, a well-designed piece of equipment can make a big difference in the medical field.

SiTech is proud to supply medical manufacturers with high quality liquid silicone. We use a unique injection molding process with Dow and GE Silicones. This combination of technology and quality offers you a competitive domestic supplier of custom keypads and other silicone rubber products. Custom keypads are just one of the many products manufactured in our state of the art facility in Newport News, Virginia. If you need a reliable supplier of liquid silicone, give SiTech a call today!