custom-molded-rubber-productsSilicone rubber is a very versatile material that can be used with a wide array of applications. When using silicone rubber for keypads or other components, the durability, decorating capabilities, temperature resistance, different shapes and safe material are just a few traits that illustrate how versatile silicone rubber can be.

Outdoor Durability
Silicone rubber can be used in extreme heat without melting. As a result, it is effective for outdoor operations where it is sitting in the sun. Plastic components tend to crack or melt under these conditions. While liquid silicone injection molding is durable enough to use in desert conditions, it is also versatile enough to get wet. Whether it’s a splash of water from a nearby faucet or a long swim with an underwater device, silicone rubber molding components will not lose their functionality.

Color Pigments
Using pigments mixed in silicone is an easy way to color silicone, whether it is the entire part or a specific part of it. When forming silicone parts in different colors, the pigment must be mixed prior to molding. By using silicone inks, the color is permanent and has all of the fine characteristics as silicone itself. Each application must go through a curing process to ensure a cross-link of the ink to the silicone.

When designing products, you should always consider how temperature would affect the performance and environment. Fire can happen at any time. Most silicones can meet Underwriters Laboratories rating of UL 94 HB. Some silicones can meet a UL 94 V-0 rating. The fire is not the problem, but the smoke. Silicone does not give off toxic chemicals when exposed to fire. Other materials, when burning, can give off dangerous chemicals that can cause serious injury. Another key issue to consider with custom molded rubber products is that when extremely hot items touch silicone, there is no effect on the material and it leaves no marks.

Rubber Molding
The most exciting aspect of silicone is that it can be formed to any shape you can imagine. This offers designers the options to create custom molded rubber products that meet flow and functionality for any industry, such as aerospace, automotive, military or medical silicone molding. For the same cost you can have a product that offers appeal in the form of the right shape, not the old look of a square and flat design to make your silicone rubber keypador component stand out to consumers.


Chemical Composition
You are probably aware of all of the product recalls for chemical exposure, such as lead paint, mercury and carcinogens. Well, silicone gives off no toxic compounds even under heat, so it makes custom molded rubber products a great alternative for manufacturers. Silicone can be cleaned with disinfectants or antibacterial cleaners, which makes it perfect for hospitals and other areas where disease is a concern. Silicone is also non-conductive, tasteless, odorless and resistant to staining.

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