Sometimes what a device doesn’t have is just as important as what it does have. One of the most popular reasons people use medical silicone rubber molding from Si-TECH is because it can be precisely fitted for windows, cutouts and odd shapes. In other words, the silicone rubber keypads or gaskets let the medical device do what it needs to do without getting in the way. We use a unique method of liquid silicone injection molding fabrication using a patented process.

Clear windows inserted into the medical silicone rubber molding have a variety of uses. For example, the window may fit over a digital readout of a critical measurement, like temperature or voltage. It could also allow components to work through the windows. Imagine a beam of light passing through a clear window for critical placement of objects during a test. X-rays or radiation beams may need to pass through this small area surrounded by medical silicone rubber molding. Clear windows can be placed into the silicone rubber keypads or gaskets during the fabrication process for a precise fit.

Sometimes silicone rubber keypads and gaskets fit over an existing piece of equipment with protrusions. Precisely placed cutouts in the medical silicone rubber molding make it possible to replace an outdated panel or to add keypad information to a large, immovable object. With carefully planned drawings and specifications, the medical silicone rubber molding can be fabricated at Si-TECH without the device itself being present. A test sample after the first run can be sent to you to make sure it fits precisely and works as planned.

Sometimes medical equipment comes in odd shapes, rather than a simple rectangle or basic keypad design. When the entire piece of equipment has an intricate shape that must be covered by medical silicone rubber molding, what is missing is just as important as what is there. As long as you can find a way to place the silicone rubber keypads or gaskets over or into the device, Si-TECH can fabricate the most precise pieces using the liquid silicone injection molding process.

Si-TECH specializes in military and medical silicone rubber molding. When you need a new or replacement piece with cutouts, windows or intricate shapes to match your design, contact our Si-TECH team to help you find the best way to do it.