As medical technology becomes more complex, the machines themselves become more complex. Most creators of new equipment models know exactly what they want them to do. The hard part – for them – is finding a way to make the physical design perform in the same manner as the one in their minds. It frequently involves the cooperation of skilled engineers that are familiar with creating medical keypad molding components to help them realize their vision.

Our Si-Tech engineers excel at medical keypad prototyping. We can make the medical keypad molding components fit the design in your mind when it’s on paper. We start with a solid object you provide and take it from there. Our engineers can create back lighting, clear windows, wraparound designs and colored keys to help your medical equipment design do what it’s supposed to do. Using our medical rapid prototyping services, Si-Tech can transform your vision into a tangible design in a matter of weeks. This will help you learn how it will look and fit, giving you the opportunity to evaluate your design. You can use our medical keypad molding prototypes to do an analysis of form and function.

Since the prototypes have a 90 to 95 percent resemblance and use to the finished product, you will know if the design in your mind will work in the real world. The more complex your new medical device may be, the more complex the design. With our vast experience in medical keypad prototyping, our engineers may be able to help you work out some of the questions you have regarding design and function. Medical equipment has many unique requirements that must be taken into consideration, such as variable temperatures and lighting, sterile environments, and exposure to chemicals and radiation. They may have many users with different levels of training with technology.

The advantage of using medical keypad prototyping is that you are not locked in to the design. The buttons may not be placed in the natural order for use that you first conceived. You may decide that there are too many choices, or not enough. Maybe you need to group them differently or position them in a different area. Perhaps another component is blocking a clear sight line to the keys. These are all things that can be changed once you see how the medical keypad molding components set up and fit together in real life. On the other hand, you may find that the design for your new machinery is exactly what you imagined.

We can help you with the technical aspects of the medical keypad prototyping so that you will have something to work with that closely resembles your vision. Call Si-Tech when you are ready to take the step of turning your idea into a reality.