The Difference Between Liquid Silicone and Gumstock

Throughout history, scientists and inventors have created new solutions to everyday problems. Often times, the original method is only used until a superior solution comes along. At first we used a mechanical printing press, now your local print shop can process an order of 1,000 copies in a matter of minutes. The vehicles that we… Read more »

Backlighting – Insert Molding & PCB Design

When designing your Printed Circuit Boards that require a keypad to be backlit, it is important to know all of the methods in which a silicone rubber keypad can be molded. There have been numerous improvements to the once “standard” method of mold clear, coat black and laser. Knowing these methods can save countless hours… Read more »

The SiTECH Process: From Concept to Prototype to Finished Product

Over the years, the products that we use every day have undergone various improvements. Automobiles are safer and more efficient, computers are faster and more affordable, and new inventions are enhancing our lives each year. As technology has advanced, it is easy to take the process for granted. However, from the smartphone to electric cars,… Read more »

Silicone Technology Corp. Design Guide Continued – Key Types & Terminology

Silicone molded keypads made at SiTECH are used in countless devices from aviation equipment to medical devices. These devices all have different requirements which require specific key types to be used. Below is a diagram showing the different key types typically used on our customers silicone rubber keypads. Most of these key types do not provide… Read more »

The Different Types of Coating

Music legend Elvis Presley released the popular song “Blue Suede Shoes” in 1956. The single featured the famous lyrics “But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes” and it was groundbreaking for it’s innovative combination of rock and country blues. Today, if you owned a pair of blue suede shoes, you would probably be… Read more »

Silicone Technology Corp. Design Guide Continued – Graphic Considerations

Here at SiTECH, all of our positive and reverse graphics are done using screen printing. We use our proprietary silicone inks that create a cross-link bond to the silicone rubber keypads and components during the curing process. This makes a hard-wearing and long lasting graphic that will last the lifetime of your keypad under normal… Read more »

6 Industries that Can Benefit from Rapid Prototyping

Entrepreneurs, designers and businesses for many years have dealt with the difficult process of taking a product from idea to production. But for many industries, rapid prototyping is changing the game. Essentially, this technology takes a product design on a computer and turns it a physical product without the need for elaborate and time consuming… Read more »