Why Silicone Injection Molding is THE Solution for Volatile Environments

You may not realize it, but we encounter silicone rubber everyday of our lives. As you drive your car to work, silicone rubber is under the hood. When you go for a checkup at the doctor, the medical components are made with silicone. During your last home improvement project, you may have used silicone as… Read more »

16 Tips for Designing and Applying Graphics to Your Silicone Rubber Keypad

Visually aesthetic graphics can have a large influence on how users feel about your product. A well designed keypad enhances not only the appearance of your product, but can also enhance the functionality of it as well. Below are a few recommendations we frequently give to enhance the design of your silicone rubber keypad, and… Read more »

What is Conductive Coating?

Benjamin Franklin was one of our nations founding fathers, but he also played many other roles in shaping history. As a politician, Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence, as an entrepreneur he ran a successful printing business; however, one of his greatest accomplishments may have been his discovery and study of electrical currents. Beginning… Read more »

Cost Effective Rapid Prototyping Your Silicone Components

Companies all across the world are looking for quick and cost-effective ways to provide working prototypes of their designs and products. For Silicone components, it is extremely difficult to provide a working part that is aesthetically pleasing without production tooling. Here at SiTECH, we have developed a method that allows us to create Silicone Rapid… Read more »

The Use of Silicone in Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device industry is massive. How big? With 2 million employees and $137 billion it represents a major portion of the global economy. From manufacturing, to sale, and then to implementation, the medical device industry is driven by high demand. After all, what is more crucial than ensuring that our hospitals function and that… Read more »