Insert Molding & Over Molding:

Liquid silicone injection molding may seem like it hasn’t changed much over the years, but we at SiTECH continue to push the envelope in terms of what is capable. We manufacture a variety of silicone rubber products including keypads, gaskets, seals, display windows and various other silicone components. One area in which we continue to… Read more »

Everyday Products that Were Crafted Using SiTech Technology

Many people now have security systems in place in their homes for added safety. If you have a home security keypad, whether it’s on your garage door or an internal alarm system, chances are it’s made of silicone rubber. Backlight rubber keypads are ideal for these types of security systems, providing quick easy access and… Read more »

How Customized Keypads can Differentiate Your Product

When choosing SiTECH as your silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, you already know you are receiving a high quality customized product. You receive the advantage of rapid prototyping, exclusive coatings, and keypad assembly. Our use of a unique injection molding process combining Dow and GE Silicones offers you a competitive domestic supplier of custom keypads. The… Read more »

SiTECH’s Value Added Service: Steel Rule Dies and Custom Milled Punches

Steel rule die-cutting is a process we use at SiTECH for cutting custom conductive contacts, and is also used for limiting the amount of product handling as well as cutting adhesive backing. Steel rule dies are usually constructed using various high-grade plywood. Die makers will use a laser or special saw to cut precision splits… Read more »

Finding Your Way Around Rubber O-Ring Design

When designing a product, you may need a buffer or sealing reinforcement for a round component. The O-ring is ideal for creating a seal between two parts, fitting snugly into a groove. It’s also ideal as a cushion between two moving parts. Silicone rubber products can be designed in a nearly endless combination of diameter,… Read more »

Fundamental Rules of Dimensioning and Tolerancing

While designing a new silicone rubber component or keypad it helps to use the fundamental rules of dimensioning and tolerancing. Using these rules allow you to focus your dimensions and tolerances to the key features of your design. These features may be the ones that perform a function or interact with other components within your… Read more »