What Makes the Perfect Gasket?

One of the most popular uses for silicone rubber molding is as a gasket. Used mostly for creating a seal or a cushion between two hard surfaces, silicone rubber molded gaskets can be made to precisely fit the required dimensions. Using the liquid silicone rubber molding process, quality manufacturers can create multiple quantities to specification… Read more »

User Interface: Touch Screens vs Silicone Rubber

Touch screens seem to be the new trend right now, but when designing a user interface for a product, you need to think of what the primary uses are. While touch screens may look cool, they have several issues that do not make them ideal for certain situations and environments, where custom silicone rubber products… Read more »

Dental Technology and the Role of Silicone Rubber Molding

New strides technology are changing the tools and capabilities of dentistry. Many of the new products and processes involve silicone rubber. It can be sterilized for use in patient care, procedures and appliances. Another option is the manufacture of parts and keypads for dental equipment. Shapes The process of liquid silicone injection molding makes it… Read more »

Where Did Si-Tech Come From?

Si-Tech’s origin starts with key employees who worked for Lucas Industries. Lucas Industries was a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry and aerospace industry. In the 1980s, Lucas bought a panel company that owned silicone rubber equipment to produce silicone rubber components to go along with its panel business. Lucas’s panel division worked on… Read more »

6 Trending Features for Remote Controls

When it comes to remote controlled products, there are several trends in today’s market that consumers are putting on their preferred features lists. It’s no longer enough to have remote control keypads for electronics. What’s new and creating competition among product designers and developers is the concept of making them easier and more durable to… Read more »

What Makes Silicone Rubber Different From Other Materials?

Silicone rubber is a very versatile material that can be used with a wide array of applications. When using silicone rubber for keypads or other components, the durability, decorating capabilities, temperature resistance, different shapes and safe material are just a few traits that illustrate how versatile silicone rubber can be. Outdoor Durability Silicone rubber can… Read more »

5 Security Keypad Design Tips for Hospitals

As technology improves the capabilities of security systems, many hospitals and urgent medical care centers are following the trend to improve their security checkpoints. The movement is toward rubber keypads at security checkpoints and nurse’s stations instead of or in addition to live guards on the premises. It helps budget-conscious institutions to save money on… Read more »