Pressure Monitoring and Control in Making Silicone Rubber Products

Liquid injection molding is a process used to produce high quality, pliable and durable parts in high volumes. The key ingredient is liquid silicone rubber, which is a high purity platinum cured silicone. The benefits of injection molding include low viscosity nature, which is conducive to producing tight tolerances; closed process, to avoid contamination; and… Read more »

Unraveling the Origins and Uses of Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

Custom rubber molding has become a reliable and integral part of many new products in the world today. Silicone has been around for more than a century, playing an important role in the advancement of technology in a variety of industries throughout its history. Some may wonder the origins of liquid silicone injection molding. The… Read more »

Why Choose a Domestic Silicone Rubber Manufacturer

With the growth of the global economy, it can be appealing to decide to manufacture your silicone rubber components overseas. There are many factors that can be overlooked when  variables include manufacturing and labor standards, turnaround and shipping times, quality of material used, intellectual property rights protection and, most importantly for military applications, which items… Read more »

How to Get Quick Estimates for Upcoming Projects

Sometimes during the process of making products and filling orders, timetables can be moved up unexpectedly. Perhaps a large order has been placed for your product and you require additional liquid silicone injection molding components or custom rubber keypads for the final manufacturing process. You will need to know how much it’s going to cost… Read more »

SiTECH’s Value Added Services Bring Your Product to Market Quicker

When designing and choosing a supplier for silicone rubber, an important aspect to consider is the concept of value added. Value added can be defined as the difference between sale price and production cost of your product. In the manufacturing sector, a value added company has the ability to perform a variety of tasks to… Read more »

Using a Rapid Prototype for New Medical Product Designs

With the development of new technology in the medical field comes the need for new designs for devices and machinery. Pieces must fit together precisely to work properly and may need custom silicone keypads to make them work. Perhaps the machine requires silicone rubber seals and tubing to contain gases and liquids. When building new… Read more »

The Art of Screen Making for Printed Silicone Rubber Molding – Part II

There are many steps to consider when preparing to decorate or print onto silicone rubber products or components. When printing on silicone using silicone ink, a permanent homogeneous bond is created for the life of your product. Once the frame material, design and mesh have been picked for the job requirements, the next step in… Read more »