Advantages of Injection Molded Silicone Inserts

Injection molding of silicone offers many advantages. In today’s SiTECH blog, we will talk about cover inserts. Insert molding is taking a pre-molded silicone part or component of a different material and inserting it in a mold, then injecting silicone around it and ending up with one part. In the production of silicone rubber keypads,… Read more »

Rubber Molding Key Player in Aeronautics and Space Flight

With the recent flight for the first private docking to the international Space Station, it brings to mind the versatility of liquid silicone injection molding, both on Earth and in space. The unmanned launch by private company SpaceX is the first automated mission with the robotic spaceship Dragon and Falcon 9. According to Elon Musk,… Read more »

How Rubber Keypads Affect Industrial Control Panels for Manufacturing

One popular use for liquid silicone injection molding components is on industrial control panels. When manufacturers are putting together items like power equipment, they need to be sure that their industrial control panels will stand up to possible impacts, regular vibrations, extreme temperatures and long runs on the manufacturing line. Manufacturing equipment, automated devices and… Read more »

Keypad Manufacture Advances With the Banking Industry’s Sophistication

Custom keypads and keyboards are becoming the norm in the banking industry. The role of the bank teller has diminished greatly. In its place is the ATM, affectionately referred to as the money machine. The latest trend to join it is at-home banking online.¬† As a result, many customers never set foot in a bank… Read more »

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding: How It Works

Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a process to produce consistent, durable parts at an efficient rate. There are many mechanical devices involved in the make-up of an LSR injection¬† system. The silicone delivery system includes¬† a two-part silicone base, generally referred to as the “A” component and “B” component. Silicone rubber is… Read more »