Offer Your Customers More Options With Modular Controls

Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads offer our clients an endless array of flexible control design possibilities. When those keypads are part of complete control subassemblies, manufacturers can offer the same flexibilities to their clients. Gives Choices To Your Customers Imagine a control panel that can be removed from a machine and mounted somewhere else. That’s… Read more »

Creating Effective Keypads: Simple Controls Are Often Better

We have seen some of our clients confused over how to create the best custom keypads. They want to offer many features in their devices but don’t want to create complex controls that will be hard to use. We’ve found that in most cases, the simpler the control scheme the better the product is received… Read more »

Building Rugged Devices For The Mining Industry

There may be no other industry on the planet that subjects machinery to as much abuse as mining. In addition to extreme environments, devices must offer absolute reliability because miners’ lives may depend on their operation. Manufacturers find custom silicone keypads give them the characteristics needed for this challenging environment. Mining Companies Resist New Technology… Read more »

Don’t Forget Technicians When Considering Control Layout

We’ve talked about the importance of keeping your clients’ in mind when planning molded keypads for your equipment. However don’t forget about people other than end users, specifically repair technicians. When technicians open up devices and see confusing layouts, it makes their jobs harder. Access Panel Placement Nobody wants to look at an access panel… Read more »

Work With Your Clients To Build Better Machinery

Industrial clients may seem less fickle than consumers, but they have strong opinions on what they want from their machinery. If the equipment doesn’t do what they need, they lose productivity. Consult with your clients to brainstorm new equipment design ideas ranging from additional features to layout of molded keypads. Be Open To Suggestions Mass… Read more »

Design Tips For Audience Response System Control Pads

In an effort to improve the effectiveness of their presentations, organizations are looking for some way to get feedback from their audiences. This has led to a rise in the demand for audience response systems and many electronics manufacturers are adding these products to their catalogs. Improving Communication Through Feedback People want to participate in… Read more »

Retro Style In Modern Electronics

Rather than following the sleek style of most electronics, some of our clients have come up with spectacular designs that borrow from older styles of electronics. They incorporate Si Tech’s versatile custom keypads into their retro designs to create devices with high visual impact. Using New Technology In Old Designs Our custom keypads are not… Read more »