Methods of Injecting Silicone Rubber

There are various methods of injecting silicone rubber into a mold, some good and some bad. Two very important things to consider when designing an injection mold are the runner system & gating. Depending on the number of cavities you decide to run within your silicone mold, a balance of flow may be needed. Knowing… Read more »

Customize Your Design with Color

One of the more popular growing trends in silicone rubber component & keypad manufacturing is the utilization of colors in the design. While the generic black keypad & white text is the default for most designs, we have seen customers request over 10 different colors on a single silicone rubber keypad. The utilization of colors… Read more »

How Rapid Prototyping can Create a Better Final Product

With so much competition in business today, nobody can afford to launch a product that is not up to par. This type of miscue can be a nightmare for your brand, your product reputation, and your bottom line. So how can you avoid the pitfalls of a bad product? Try using rapid prototyping during product… Read more »

Recommended Storage Conditions

Often customers ask the question, “What is the shelf-life of your molded silicone keypads & components”, and the answer isn’t always as straight forward as you’d think. There are some important factors that the manufacturer of the device that uses the silicone rubber needs to consider, as well as some guidelines in place for proper… Read more »

Why Weatherproof and Wear Resistant Parts are Important

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the weather turns colder and the season changes, everyone can begin looking forward to December. However, Christmas means winter, and this change means its time to bring out the gloves, coats, and hats. As anyone’s mother would tell you, keeping warm is important not only to… Read more »

Methods of Molding

When determining your silicone rubber provider, it is important to consider what method of molding you would like your silicone product to have. There are a few different method of molding silicone rubber components, each having their own advantages, and disadvantages. These methods are: Extruding Molding Transfer Molding Compression Molding Liquid Injection Molding Extrusion molding… Read more »