Finding the Right ITAR Supplier

One challenge a company incurs when designing silicone keypads and components for a military application, is finding an ITAR certified company to supply their silicone parts. ITAR stands for The International Traffic in Arms Regulations. ITAR is mainly for military or defensive articles, but it also includes space related technology. ITAR is designed to regulate… Read more »

Custom Rubber Keypads in the Auto Industry

Throughout the last century the automobile has seen a number of different changes in performance, safety, and efficiency. As technology has progressed and consumers have demanded more, the auto industry has responded with the best vehicles we have ever seen. As we look to the future, technology in automobiles is only becoming more advanced. It’s… Read more »

The Time it Takes to Go Offshore

There are numerous issues that arise when dealing with an offshore supplier for your Silicone rubber needs. The main benefit is time. Time is impacted by a few factors when dealing with offshore manufacturers which include communication, lead times, and shipping times. Communication is one of the largest hurdles when dealing with an offshore supplier…. Read more »

Silicone Keypads in Banking: Then & Now

The rise of ATM and Mobile Banking and what it means for the banking industry Have you stopped by to see your local bank teller recently? Chances are that you haven’t. Due to changes in technology and a move toward efficiency and convenience, the banking industry is transitioning away from the traditional teller role. In… Read more »

Benefits of LaserEdge & Backlit Keyboards

Did you know the very first device to use a backlit keyboard was a calculator back in 1983? About 20 years later, Apple would make this feature popular on laptop computers by offering it on MacBooks. Today, it remains a popular feature. Anyone who has ever tried to use a keyboard in dim lighting knows… Read more »