To enhance your product’s appearance, SiTECH offers the ability to mold custom silicone rubber keypads and components in different colors. We also offer the ability to mold products in a custom color. Once a desired color is achieved, we provide our customers with a Custom Color Number and Color Chip for their records. Colors are done with the use of pigments.

Pigmentation of Liquid silicone rubber is done within the molding process. Liquid silicone rubber is provided in two separate containers. One of which has a catalyzing agent that once mixed with the other part allows the silicone to cure. This “A” and “B” silicone is pumped through the metering units, and mixed inside of a mixer. A pigment pot is attached to the Metering unit and injects pigment into the liquid silicone rubber. The pigment is thoroughly mixed with the silicone rubber to provide even and repeatable colors.

At SiTECH we hold all of our colors to a tolerance of <= 1.0 Delta E. When SiTECH obtains a new color, SiTECG records the formula used to produce it. All formulas produced are tested by mixing them with liquid silicone rubber and curing them. The cured silicone is then measured using a spectrophotometer to be within 1 Delta E of the desired color. This exceeds industry standards, and is such small tolerance that the human eye cannot tell a difference.

Our formulas are a complete list of each pigment used, and their precise weight. Our pigment is mixed together in a controlled clean environment to avoid dirt, debris or any form of contamination from entering the pigment. This is the part of the process where adjustments are easily made to dial in on the desired colors. Once a formula is complete, it is retained for the life of the product.

Pantone Colors

SiTECH has the capability to not only mold opaque pigments but translucent pigments as well. The amount of pigment injected into the silicone rubber directly correlates with the transparency of the molded silicone rubber. This allows for your liquid silicone rubber keypad or component to be backlit.

When designing custom colors into your liquid silicone rubber products, or if you are trying to replicate a color that is already in use, SiTECH’s highly trained color technicians can produce a wide array of color options with high precision and accuracy. For all of your custom colors needs, you can rely on the experience and expertise that SiTECH can offer. For more information about our custom silicone keypads, call our office at 757-887-8488.