With the increased use of electronic devices and computerized keyboards, carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming a more common ailment among workers across many different industries and job descriptions. There are many new designs in technology that are conscious of this medical problem. One example is the ergonomic keyboard. It is specially shaped to promote hand and wrist placement, which helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tired arms. When covered in one-piece printed silicone keypads and treated with specific coatings, they can be used in a variety of environments, even rugged ones. Another option is to use ergonomically designed panels with printed silicone keypads attached or built in to the design. This, too, will alleviate pressure on the wrists and promote proper hand placement.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful medical ailment that is generally caused by overuse or repetitive movement of the wrists and hands. It is named for a tunnel-like structure in the wrists. The base is formed by several small carpal bones, with a ligament across the top. Running through this carpal tunnel are the median nerve and the tendons which control thumb tip and finger movements. When the tendons and muscles become irritated from friction, they swell, causing pain. For people who do a lot of keyboard entry or typing, this ailment can be prevented or postponed by using keyboards built in an ergonomic design.

Where Can Printed Silicone Keypads Be Used?
Printed Printed silicone keypads can be used in the manufacture of ergonomic keyboards for a wide variety of environments, including military and government projects. They come in many shapes and sizes, all under carefully designed and engineered specifications. Often in a military environment, there is a heavy emphasis on the use of equipment that must withstand rugged conditions, such as extreme cold, intense heat, dust storms, high humidity and other inhospitable climates. Users never know where they will be working with their military silicone rubber molding covered keyboards, so they may need to be treated with abrasion-resistant or chemical coating to help them last longer.

At SiTECH, we fabricate a variety of medical and military silicone rubber molding keypad components for many different types of keyboards and systems. Given the specifications and engineering designs, we can create ITAR certified printed silicone keypads in ergonomic designs for your rugged or climate-controlled environment. Contact us to find out how.