si-coat-iiAs the seasons change and the weather become a bit colder, you’re probably reaching for a light fall jacket, and preparing your winter wardrobe. Each season brings many variations and one of the most noticeable is the way that we dress to prepare for the changes in weather. Spring rainstorms require a waterproof jacket; in the summer you may wear lighter clothing and sunscreen, a light jacket in the fall, and a heavy coat for winter elements. All of these wardrobe changes have one thing in common: they are all designed to give people the ability to handle the elements and last longer in them with greater comfort.

In the same manner, protective coatings are designed to shield rubber keypads from harsh conditions and increase the life of the product. Just like the changes in season, there are different protective coating designed to guard against certain problems such as chemical elements, abrasion, and conductivity issues.

Chemical Resistant Coating

In the same way that you may put on an extra jacket in the winter, silicone rubber may need some extra protection from external elements. Chemical Resistant Coatings are ideal for any keypad application that may be used near chemical elements. For automotive, medical, military, or manufacturing industries, chemical coatings can be the solution to durability issues that have plagued these industries in the past.

Abrasion Resistant Coating

A protective coating is a formula that is applied over a silicone keypad or other silicone product in order to increase the usable life and durability of the product. SiCoat is an abrasion resistant coating system developed by SiTech for use in silicone rubber applications. This formula protects silicone rubber from degrading, even under harsh circumstances!

Conductive Coating

SiCoat V Conductive Bond Coating is a technological breakthrough that solves the problem of bonding rubber to switches made of polyester. Before conductive coating, keypads and switches were bonded mechanically, which is  far more expensive and time-consuming. Today the conductive coating process is efficient and cost effective, making it a must when designing silicone keypads.

When you step out into the brisk fall air, and reach for your favorite jacket, remember to think of protective coatings. Silicone keypads are in need of extra protection from the elements just as a person does. With SiCoat from SiTECH, silicone keypads can remain durable and usable as they are protected from chemicals, abrasion, and conductivity issues. Looking for more information on protective coatings for rubber keypads? Give us a call at 757-887-8488.