When manufacturing custom silicone rubber, quality is the most important aspect to consider and control throughout production. Silicone rubber can achieve extremely tight tolerances and irregular shapes, leading to complicated setups and processes. With the proper technology, equipment and highly trained staff, quality products can be produced accurately and efficiently.

Silicone rubber injection molding has seen many innovations since its inception. The latest machinery and techniques give the ability to control every variable in the process. Speed, pressure and heat are the three most important variables to control. Speed and pressure can be controlled to within 1psi and temperature to within one degree. These minute changes can directly affect the final part being produced. In addition, with the ability to control all aspects of molding, products can be produced quickly and efficiently, helping to eliminate product defects and reduce production costs.

Our staff are highly trained in all aspects of silicone rubber manufacturing. They are involved in the initial machine setup and throughout the entire operation. Once molding has begun, paperwork and first article inspections by a quality control agent are required. Once set intervals after production have begun, parts are analyzed for any possible defects and recorded. If a defect is found, the issue is immediately addressed, identifying the cause and correcting it immediately. All steps taken are imperative to ensure only the highest quality silicone rubber molding is produced.

At SiTECH, we document all manufacturing procedures throughout the entire process of manufacturing. This starts at raw materials; all silicone is purchased from DOW and GE, and lot numbers are recorded and retained. All raw pigments, adhesives and chemicals are logged and recorded. These steps help ensure the longevity and durability for the life of the component being produced. With molding, setup programs are created when a product is first produced and saved for production in the future. When screening and/or coating silicone rubber molding components, strict procedures are created and followed to obtain the most accurate repeatable results. All documents and procedures are kept for the life of the product.

At SiTECH, we are locally owned and operated. We manufacture all silicone components in-house, helping to control quality. All of our skilled technicians are trained in all aspects of silicone production. We take pride in our quality control systems that produce the highest quality silicone rubber components on the market. To bring your product design to fruition quicker at low production cost, you can trust SiTECH’s reputation in the industry.