One of the challenges of designing a new product is envisioning what it will look like. When it comes to creating a successful project, an important part of it is color. Looking at a prototype of what finished custom rubber keypads and components will look like can help designers determine whether any changes need to be made in appearance before final production of the item begins. Here are several ways that attention to colors in rapid prototypes can impact new products that use custom rubber keypads.

Color Contrast
Part of what makes custom rubber keypads effective is how easily the user can interpret what the keys do. Color contrast in printing on the keypads should be strong enough so that the user can distinguish the letters or symbols used with minimal effort. White printing is usually effective against a dark background and dark letters stand out well against a white or light background. When it comes to specific colors, however, a prototype sample can help determine the best options for the product.

Samples in rapid prototype rubber molding give a realistic replica of what two or more colors will look like next to each other. The effectiveness of contrast among keypad backgrounds, the keys themselves and the printed image or lettering on the keys is an important element. Different colors can be viewed and compared with rapid prototype rubber molding before a final decision is made.

Studies show that colors can affect a customer’s purchase. It often depends on what the purpose of the product is and what materials it’s made of, but colors can play a significant role in an item’s popularity. According to statistics recently released by KISSmetrics, a marketing, testing and analytics firm, the significance of color has a different interpretation from color to color and from country. In North America, for example, yellow is often seen as an “optimistic and youthful” color that grabs people’s attention, while red relays a sense of urgency and energy. Choosing which color to use in item production can influence whether or not it will sell and whether or not changing the color of the keys will affect their use.

Color Representation
Rapid prototype rubber keypads can help designers decide which colors to use from a marketing perspective. Brochures and slideshows provide a great product representation. The final product doesn’t have to be completed for a visual comparison. Many companies today are using mock-ups to ask select online and offline audiences what their preferences are in product packaging, color schemes and other factors that can affect use and sales. When it comes to products in specific fields, the trend is to ask professionals in that line of work for their opinions on use of various elements. For example, medical keypad prototyping can help inventors determine which keys need to stand out in medical device keypads. Some functions may be more important than others and might need to stand out over the rest with a different color scheme.

SiTECH produces rapid prototype rubber keypads and components that are ideal for visualizing your final product. They can’t be used in the field, but are excellent for advertising and marketing purposes, testing various color combinations and evaluating effectiveness of color choices. For more information about rapid prototype rubber keypads and components, contact SiTECH today.