Rather than following the sleek style of most electronics, some of our clients have come up with spectacular designs that borrow from older styles of electronics. They incorporate Si Tech’s versatile custom keypads into their retro designs to create devices with high visual impact.

Using New Technology In Old Designs

Our custom keypads are not usually suited for collector’s items electronics. These devices should be restored using original technology and materials for maximum resale value. However that’s not the kind of style we are talking about here. A retro device is not copying an old design, but using a nostalgic style to house modern equipment.

So if you were restoring a 1950s jukebox to its original form, we may not be able to help you. However if you are using a 1950s jukebox shell to house a modern sound system that receives satellite or internet radio, and plays CDs and MP3 files, then our keypads are the kind of controls you need. This blending of old and new can result in a product unlike anything else on the market today.

Types Of Retro Looks

The basic retro design attempts to recreate a look that was iconic to an era. Si Tech custom keypads use a variety of molding and graphic techniques that make them ideal for imitating many different materials or control designs. Working from pictures or your own drawings, we create control panels that add a nostalgic element to a modern piece of cutting edge electronics.

Rather than trying to duplicate an older design, some of our clients ask us to manufacture custom keypads meant to be updated versions of styles from the past. Devices from other decades were limited by the materials of the time. Metals, woods and hard plastics used didn’t have the versatility of modern silicone compounds. Combining a retro look with a sleek modern style creates a sort of neo-retro design that joins the best of old and new.

Si Tech Keypads Are Reliable

Our custom keypads do more than just look good. Our reliable components take advantage of technologies unavailable to past manufacturers to create more durable controls. Custom silicone keypads are naturally resistant to physical abuse, chemical reaction and temperature extremes allowing them to operate in any environment, and to last far longer than older technologies. The electronics underneath the keys use only high quality contacts for reliable activation and long operation life.

We will gladly put our custom keypads up against any other technology. The versatile look and reliable operation of our products make them ideal for any device, whether you are going for an authentic retro look or an updated neo-retro design. Custom silicone keypads offer an elegant look that gets a customer’s attention, and long-lasting function for reliable operation.