In the production of silicone rubber keypads and components, adding a protective coating at the end of production will ensure the ruggedness and longevity of the product. Coating custom silicone rubber and graphics is the best option for protection from a variety of situations. Advances in coating technology and fluid dynamics has led to extremely high quality, reliable options for coating silicone rubber.

Abrasion Resistant

Si Coat I™ is an abrasion-resistant coating system, a proprietary formula, for use on silicone rubber applications requiring superior wear protection. It provides a wear-resistant coating for abrasion resistance among all silicone rubber components and provides a smooth matte finish to help your product stand out. In addition, it helps to repel dust to reduce or eliminate clean-up time. The resistance to wear helps extend the life of your component, providing a consistent look under all conditions and eliminating replacement costs.

Chemical Resistant

Si Coat II ™ is a chemical-resistant coating, a propriety formula, for use with silicone rubber applications requiring effective protection against petroleum-based products and other oxidizing and chlorinated chemicals. It provides a chemical resistance against swelling, absorption and wear brought on by harsh chemicals or environments. It also provides a clean matte finish to accentuate the appearance of your product. Si Coat II™ is a cost effective solution to extend the performance and life of your silicone rubber component.

Extra Protection

Si Coat 30™ is a silicone base coating designed to provide a further layer of protection between the base silicone component and the final coating. When components are designed for use in harsh environments, Si Coat 30™ can add to the resistance that the final coating provides. It adds a thin layer of silicone to the surface of any silicone product and can be applied repeatedly to meet the exact dimensions required.

In addition to the variety of protective coatings offered, SiTECH makes custom color coatings to match existing products or for the development of new ones. We use the highest quality high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) and conventional spray guns available to coat all of our silicone rubber keypads. With the combination of injection molded silicone, custom screen printing and protective coatings, you can be assured of the highest quality products at competitive prices and the most protection and durability for the life of your product.