Silicone rubber is used in a variety of industries; including medical, military, marine, construction and aerospace. Because of its inherent properties, it out performs inferior polymers, even under harsh and demanding conditions. Liquid silicone rubber designed for injection molding is the ideal way to produce the highest quality components available.

Material Selection
When deciding on a material, the environment in which the component will be exposed to is important. Factors include tensile strength, resistance to moisture and bacteria, and tolerance for extreme temperatures. The unique makeup of silicone with its strong carbon to carbon backbone allows it to remain stable through a wide range of temperatures with deformation or degradation. This also gives it its resistance to deterioration from moisture and/or harsh environmental factors and conditions.

Silicone Rubber Mold Design
Liquid silicone injection molding is the best method of production when tight tolerances are required. Odd shapes, deep cavities and undercuts can be molded with ease because of silicone rubber’s low viscosity, allowing it to be injected at relatively low pressures. Proper mold design is important to the successful production of silicone parts. Balanced vents and gates are needed to help depict silicone flow and avoid air entrapment. Liquid silicone injection molding cures more quickly than other methods, allowing for efficient cycle times and low cost per part.

Curing Agents
The most common curing agents are either organic peroxide or liquid platinum, which when heated decompose to form free radicals that react with the pendant organic groups on the silicone polymer. The resulting crosslink/cure in silicone’s polymer chains is what influences the final profile and durability of the silicone component. A silicone-based custom color can be added at a specific percentage to color the product being produced. A color can be made to match an existing product or create a new one.

At SITECH, we offer liquid silicone injected molded components in a variety of durometers to fit your needs. We use only the highest quality raw materials available, supplied by Dow and GE. In addition, we can customize your product with graphics, colors and coatings to help your product stand out in the market. Rapid prototyping is an option when your product is in the design phase and parts are needed in a hurry. Value added services such as adhesive installation, dome layers or PCB installation can help reduce total cost and bring the product to market quicker. Contact SiTECH for all your silicone rubber molding needs.